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Charles N. Arrowsmith


Banking/Financial Services
Retail Operations
Consumer Products


Knowledge Management
Self-Service Systems
Training and
Performance Support
Customer Relationship Mgt.
Payment Systems
Data Mining


Strategic Planning
Technology Roadmap
Product Line Management
Process Management
Program Management
Organizational Development
General Management


Website design
Project Management
Human Factors/HCI
Cognitive Science
ISO 9000


Post Graduate Studies,
Computer Science,
Cornell University

M.S., Computing &
Information Sciences,
Case Western Reserve U.

B.S., Astronomy,
Case Inst. of Technology

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Mr. Arrowsmith has thirty years of information systems, technology development, management and consulting experience.   His background includes leadership of hardware engineering, software/systems development, entrepreneurial research, and product management and support organizations.  In addition, he has several years classroom teaching experience at the secondary and college level.  With significant strategic, technology, and business process management experience at corporate as well as operational levels, Mr. Arrowsmith is well equipped to facilitate knowledge and management solutions that leverage individual, and cross-functional organizational expertise to improve business results.   A human-centered, iterative design approach assures balanced and integrated solutions to complex business and technical challenges.   Mr. Arrowsmith's leadership of e-Learning, CRM, and performance support initiatives, coupled with his acumen in integrating e-Business with traditional strengths yields durable business value.


As a principal for a small consulting business, involved in helping teams and organizations to find the balance between cutting-edge technologies, customer needs, standards, and business realities to deliver practical, profitable solutions -- software and systems, products and processes -- that are usable.  Also as an Earth Science teacher in a large highly diverse urban secondary school, and later as a Computer Science instructor in a small rural college using best practices instructional methods.

As Assistant Vice President, Corporate Software Process for a Fortune 300 corporation, responsible for corporate focus on reuse and knowledge management initiatives.  Organizer of annual corporate-wide technology information exchange sessions on KM, reuse architectures, and XML.  Relationship coordinator, representative, liaison manager, and Technology Advisory Board member for a number of external consortia and standards related organizations in the software, data-mining process, and financial services arenas.  Also served as general manager for a technology development office site that served as an incubator for venture spinouts.

As Chief Technology Officer for an entrepreneurial research and professional service organization involved in the advancement and application of HCI technologies in the areas of: speech-based dialog interfaces, 3-dimensional browsers, automatic knowledge discovery and data-mining algorithms, intelligent agent based learning and performance support systems, real-time customer activity tracking, and AI-based fraud detection systems.   Responsible for implementing an effective technology transfer roadmap from research to product realization as well as IP protection.  Managed a staff of scientists, developers, and contractors with a user-centered design process to apply innovative technology for the benefit of the customer and the business, rather than for its own sake.  Deployment environments included banks, grocery and drug stores, general merchandise and specialty retailers, travel agencies, restaurant and lodging, military and emergency services providers, factories, malls, back offices, drive-thru, telephone, web and self-service locations.  Coordinated the development of a unified multi-channel customer interaction data model for CRM applicable to retail, financial, and telecommunication services markets.

As Business Unit Manager for an international supplier of payment processing solutions, involved in the development, customer trial, and initial release of a scaleable image-based item processing system.  The system replaced traditional proof & encoding and high-speed reader/sorter operations with a networked system of image-capture and encoding-sorting item transports along with application, database, and recognition servers, and reconciliation workstations.  The solution tied directly into CPCS, lowered the total cost of POD operations, and provided the capability for value-added services in both banking and lock-box (remittance) processing.  Responsible for business unit P&L, strategic planning, joint customer development programs, life-cycle product line management, R&D, manufacturing support, worldwide factory field service support, information products, design automation systems, and personnel management.

As Director of Engineering for the world's leading supplier of Automatic Teller Machines, directed the design, development, release, and factory support of the ATM product line and associated application programs.  Completed the development and achieved worldwide general availability of the first full generation of ATMs based on industry standard platforms and the first to successfully integrate ergonomic design and usability functionality.  Overall the new family of products was half the cost, supported three times the features, and demonstrated an order of magnitude better reliability than the prior products.  Responsible for the R&D organization and budget with full accountability for development schedules, feature content and packaging, standards and regulatory compliance, product costs, development and manufacturing processes, product line architecture and technology strategy.  Achieved ISO 9000 certification and the facility was named "Best Factory in Britain".  Pioneered implementation of the Product And Cycle-time Excellence product realization process for the Self-Service business unit.  Based on its success, this cross-functional gated business process was subsequently embraced by all company business units worldwide.

As Technology and Development Director for a Development & Production Group of a $6 Billion multinational corporation, involved in C-level matrix management of R&D organizations around the world.  Responsible for strategic planning, development process management, technology roadmaps, management succession planning, intellectual property management, and organizational development.  Led the transition from proprietary to open systems platforms and architectures, and instituted Design for Manufacture guidelines in product development organizations.

As Senior Technology Consultant and company liaison to the first US pre-competitive technology research consortium.  Managed technology transfer from the research organization into development units -- including neural-net character recognition, collaborative software development, parallel database and system architectures, multi-modal interface algorithms, and agent-based AI systems.

As Director of Product Management for a captive Engineering & Manufacturing Division, responsible for market planning and product management for a general purpose interactive CRT terminal product line and a retail POS printer product line.  As Senior Product Manager involved in merger and acquisition of a competitive CRT terminal manufacturer.  As Operations Program Manager involved in change management to implement manufacturing cost reductions and field quality improvement programs.

As Senior Software Architect for a large design engineering group, involved in creating the product line concept and architecture for a data entry systems family of products.  As Project Leader for the Advanced Development team, developed the hardware and software prototypes for new CRT and printer products.  As Senior Analyst in software development worked with the founders of Microsoft® to create an industrial strength general-purpose programmable data entry terminal product.

As a Computer Consultant developed demographic analysis systems using the US census database for a Yellow Page publisher.  Implemented other database analysis systems for socio-metric data.  Developed and maintained data entry and game analysis system used by National Football League teams.  College instructor in business data processing.

As Information Systems Specialist for the U.S. House of Representatives, program administrator for implementation of the House Electronic Voting System, and architect for the Legislative Bill Tracking System using CICS.

As Manager, Customer Programming & Support for a small company providing remote computing infrastructure to a university and services to commercial customers.  Managed customer support, application programming, and a small team of programmers.

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