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Charles Arrowsmith is the principal and the primary consultant for Oistos Pragmatics.  Charley has thirty years of information systems, technology development, management and consulting experience.  In addition, he has several years classroom teaching experience at the secondary and college level.  His background includes leadership of hardware engineering, software/systems development, entrepreneurial research, and product management and support organizations.  With significant strategic, technology, and business process management experience at corporate as well as operational levels, Mr. Arrowsmith is well equipped to facilitate solutions that leverage individual, and cross-functional organizational expertise to improve business results.  A human-centered, iterative design approach assures balanced and integrated solutions to complex business and technical challenges.  Click here for a descriptive résumé.


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Having relocated from the Atlanta metro area at the end of 2004, Oistos Pragmatics is now headquartered in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northeastern Califormia.  In addition to a variety of local and west-coast affiliates, Oistos Pragmatics has working relationships with a number of other consultancies around the U.S.A. and internationally.  Collectively we can address virtually any business challenge anywhere.  Information on many of these firms may be found via the WWW links page.


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